About Me, Lucy Gourlay

As a child I was always fascinated by the art of makeup, as my mother will confirm, having removed lipstick from the dog, the cat, my various dolls and the walls!

It was when I grew out of that phase that I started to appreciate not only the physical effect makeup has on people but also the emotional aspects of the boost in confidence it can achieve.

In 1986 I began my studies at a local college in Northampton and then completed my training at Steiner's Beauty School, London. I worked my way up the ladder, starting with scrubbing out saunas and eventually owning my own salon in 1995. However, a position as Beauty Manager at the prestigious Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in Mayfair, their flagship store in London, proved too tempting and I decided to put my own business ideas on hold for a while to gain more experience at such a prestigious level. This proved an excellent move, particularly when I was promoted to General Manager.

After 15 years in the beauty industry I decided to make a break and try something completely different. I became a recruitment consultant placing receptionists in some of the major law firms and banks in the City. It was challenging and great fun but I continued to maintain my beauty skills, tinting eyelashes and painting nails at the office desks - after office hours of course!

Telephone: +44 (0)131 466 2054
Facebook: LG Makeup

Photo of makeup artist Lucy Gourlay

I got married in 2003 and my husband (who is Scottish) and I decided to move to Edinburgh to embark on a new life. This was an opportunity to work for myself again so I decided to follow my passion for makeup and start working as a freelance makeup artist. LG Makeup was founded and it was one of the best decisions I made (except for marrying my husband of course!). Over the past 11 years I have played a small part in hundreds of weddings, given countless makeup lessons and been involved in magazine photo shoots. My enthusiasm and passion for makeup has only increased, along with my skills and experience.